Capital Medical Billing Solutions
Revenue Recovery Experts

"After 30 years of practice, having gone through four billing companies and the hassle and expense of in-house billing, I luckily found Capital Medical Billing Solutions. I am now getting the maximum reimbursement for what I do and in a timely fashion. I have stopped worrying about the billing part of my practice and can now focus on practicing medicine."
Podiatric Surgeon
Shrewsbury, NJ

"Capital medical billing provides responsive expert help for complex surgical billing. Their tenacity is unparalleled."
Plastic Surgeon
Holmdel, NJ

"Today due to the complicated nature of medical billing, it was a big step for our practice to hand over our billing to Capital Medical Billing Solutions (CMBS). We were looking for a billing solution to increase revenue and to reduce inefficiency. I’m so happy we chose CMBS because they always stay on top of changing insurance carriers’ reimbursement policies, ensuring that we are properly and fairly compensated. They are highly trained billing pros that go above and beyond to help us, our office staff and patients answer any questions they might have. CMBS is always current with today’s ever-changing industry standards. Moreover, CMBS follow ups on all claims promptly, continues to work both primary and secondary claims until they are paid. The whole beauty of their service is that you can count on CMBS to do all of this for you. Comprehensive billing service you can trust!"
General Surgeon
Hamilton, NJ

"We have used Capital Medical Billing Solutions, for the last three years. We switched from another billing company to them. After they took over the account from another billing company, they were able to collect significant amount of revenue that we have given up on. I believe currently they are one of the best billing companies specializing in surgical out of network billing in the state. I can strongly recommend their services."
Plastic Surgeon
West Long Branch, NJ

"CMBS is the best billing company that I’ve had. I’ve had them for three years now and I wish I had them from the inception of my practice. I probably would have three or four million dollars more than I have right now. They’re so efficient and I’ve dealt with six billing companies prior to them over the years. If there’s one billing company to use its Capital Medical Billing Solutions."
Internal Medicine
West Orange, NJ